Killing Moon

Screaming through my brain

steaming  in my veins
a bitter crazed refrain

mad  moon mania

White noise whisperings
telling me to do things
wanting visceral offerings

damning dark hysteria

Sky blade beckons me
promising to set me free
release me from all probity

midnight deliria

Night is crawling creeping
the bad things aren’t sleeping
I long to be keeping you
dangerous company

Softly slowly treading
through the nightscape dreaming
innocents are sleeping
moon through window seeping

Seeping slow and smothering
feel the dark things hovering
wicked footfalls slither by
you are in my mind’s eye

Through the streets I’m prowling
cats in allies yowling
hole where soul
now a nightmare howling

Give me give me
all of it
the heat the meat
the bone the grist

I want to be under your skin
to touch your heart
to know your sin

to put you on
like sunday best
wrapped round me
warm my nakedness
your moans the
sweetest litany
we breathe in
ragged symphony
your bones beneath,
a bed for me,
from coldest  ground
you’ve pulled me free,
such blessed respite
but warms this rigor


Author Notes

I think this is the result of way too many back to back episodes of True Blood. Any real credit goes to Echo and the Bunnymen. Still totally brilliant after all this time.

2 thoughts on “Killing Moon

  1. I could feel the vybe and got giggly when I read your author comment at the end. Salutes from another back to back, waiting for the last season, watcher 🙂
    Oh, and I loved the poem a lot!

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