Dew Drop


God, how I love you!

Right down to your mitochondria,
into the very strands of your dna,
down down to where your
chromosomes waltz in pairs,
there in the engine room,
at the omega point of  your ignition,
  I  love you.
Awash in the bright electromagnetic
solar system of your atomic merry go round,
I am incandescent within the 
force field of your love.

Your breath lifts the latch off
my fears,  your touch leaves  me 
wildly oscillating and 

fine tuned to your 
every  move.
The heady rich incense  of you
drugs me stupid.

In this hot house climate

I am happily doomed to
blossom and die
over and over
like some exotic
night flower

As I  take  the pith and thew of you,
suck the sweet sap of your marrow,
absorb the texture of your mettle,
the fibre of your soul,
the gristle and bone of your history,
in this cannibalism
we become one.
Traveling  your topography,
I become a pilgrim visiting sacred sites,
the honey pot of well known tourist traps
gets me every time,
and I’m happy 
to pay the price.

My hungry hands translate you,
warm braille story telling in tissue and sinew,
a treasure map marked with life’s X’s,
this beloved globe my marvelous microcosm.
I look for  signs of myself in your landscape,

to find I have left a trembling dew drop 
in the centre of
a perfect lotus.


Author Notes

Dedicated to the Sacred Male aspect of Divinity as it merges with the Sacred Female aspect within each of us.



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