Goddess Rising



I can feel you
waking and
breaking through
the membrane of  

our memories

reaching up though the dark ocean
of our collective sleep,

light fingers rippling the surface
of  mind’s sinkhole,
tickling our brain stems,
stroking our neural pathways,
bubbling in our bloodstream

You appear to us in the Lourdes
of our dreams

maybe you are our grandmama
and we see again your gnarly hands
holding ours
rheumatic bent fingers tending
our skinned knee
smoothing our cowlick
praying over us

maybe you are our first  love
eyes wide,  holding all the expectation,
the adoration, the trepidation,
of a first encounter of the close kind
Eyes  that held us spell bound, a loving gaze that

consecrated our inaugural visit to the perfumed garden,
their radiant supplication unforgettable

perhaps you are the first woman to have called us sister
together we are powerful,  you said
I will not fight you for love, nor profit
we are bound by shared pain and
the burdens of care and 

I would stand beside you 
perhaps you  are the first woman to have called us brother
 let us be more than just sweet honeypot, you invited
more than the flower visited by the quick and cursory love of flitting bee
stay awhile, break bread, let us feast instead on the
meat of each other’s story,
for I would know the heart of you

you are close,
my body heralds your approach
as a blushing warmth on skin
an extra skip in my heart beat
a hypnotic hum in my inner ear,
a hot blossoming in my chest

Come, Beloved, I am yours
I am broken open, I am rent asunder
through these holes I would have you enter
as the dawning morn
the silver spilling of the chalice moon
the salt of sanguine tear

the piercing light of ghost stars and the great
kaleidoscopic catherine wheel of the night sky
pouring forth its spangled vastness upon my
upturned face

Leave on me your lover’s mark
a tattoo of light on my soul’s surface
    like the wind exciting a placid lake
    like the bruises of ardour on cooling skin
    like the sweet ache in the wake

    of desire’s turbulent passage

my  heart would rupture from the attempt
to hold the breadth of you
and you would stream forth from all my split seams
you would undo me at my core
and stitch me new

Author Notes

Dedicated to the rising of the Divine Feminine within humanity as she takes her rightful place as co-creator within the dawning Age of Aquarius, the end of Kali Yuga, the beginning of true sacred partnership.


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