Heaven’s in the Humdrum with You

Heaven’s in the Humdrum with You.

in your raspberry cravat,
in my ebony mood
(and nothing else)
hold onto your
top-hat honey,

(you’ve caused a melt down
in my core with
that lambent look).

Go grab your gypsy soul,
I’ll wear my long pearls, so thoroughly modern (please call me Millie).
Ride the banister into my arms
and out into the soft cloak of the cabalistic dark.
     Let’s slide on in to the effervescent champagne air!

I want escapades!  I long to swan with my favourite swain,
soak in the sempiternal velvet  of this spring evening
where monochrome  makes for mystery and magic everywhere.

Your lips are sweet liqueur, sticky Amaretto kisses,
my mouth can only leave yours for moments.

Together we make the jejune glorious!

Even pushing a shopping trolley is domestic bliss
when you tap dance down the aisles, tipping your hat.
As I reach into that simulacrum of the arctic for frozen peas
your breath, warm zephyrs on my neck,
is what gives me goosebumps.
Your touch dissolves the rime on my fingertips.
And commonplace  cranberry juice becomes a
cramoisy goblet, rich ruby wine, in your elegant digits.

Skipping  home, our portico beckons with jutting welcoming hand.
   And my heart is a mottled canvas,

   bright splashed with joy in this moment,
   doubt daubed  that the future
   may rob me,
   of what’s paramount,
   my paramour,
   this paradise.
AllPoetry contest -Word Bank.
Prompt – use all 25 of these words.

Monochrome, Raspberry, Cravat, Ebony, Radioactive, gypsy, top-hat, banister, sempiternal, escapades, swain, rime, pearls, effervescent, jutting, portico, cramoisy, Amaretto, cabalistic, jejune, mottled, paramount, lambent, frisson, zephyr.


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s in the Humdrum with You

    • Thanks so much. It was heaps of fun to write. It was for a comp, I didn’t know half the words required, but loved the learning! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, it means a lot!

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