We are Light


Christ is one of the most misunderstood mythical figures of all time.

He said ‘I am the Light of the world” and he shone more brightly than most, except maybe  his Eastern siblings, Buddha, Krishna and Quan Yin who came thousands of years earlier with the same message of love,

but he also called us sister and brother

 and told us we could follow in his footsteps

 with greater works if we ever woke up to our Divine potential.


 Son of God, sure, but who isn’t?

 Christ is the message made manifest

 one written in our dna and stitched into the fabric of our soul in God code. 

The 2nd coming is our awakening to this.


Because humanity  can be a little slow when it comes to big truths

we  were given a visual aid,  a 3D flesh epistle,

 and a story of betrayal and hope,

 and because we are so entranced with the lessons of sacrifice, pain and loss

 this attention grabbing context effectively delivered a simple message

 written on the book of our  life in the kingdom within us

 and that is,

 We Are All One.

 despite any apparent differences

 there is one Source and one Child encompassing all of creation whose

 One  Heart knows one pain

 and one Love,

and as One seamless expanding being,

as indistinguishable as  the sun’s rays,

We are the Light.


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