We are but an Aspen Tree

We are but an Aspen tree.

The meaning of life?
I think there’s seven billion meanings on this planet.
I don’t believe truth is  fixed, but rests on shifting sands.
We move on a dynamic travelator, 
stop every now and then, look around,
the view is different and so then is our perspective. 
Where we came from may now 
have no bearing on our new truth.

For some of those billions, 
life is narrowed to survival. 
One mouthful of rice at a time.

For some it means yet another corporate rung
to haul one-self up on.

Others may measure their meaning in the drip, drip, drip of chemo,
in the tic, tic, toc 
of how many days they have left.

Meaning might come from the children of our loins 
or  our imagination, 
as we paint, sculpt and scribble 
our offspring into being 
and send them into the world
with high hopes.

I find meaning in recognising the Buddha in all of nature,
you however, might call this Jesus or Krishna,
in the end our meaning may very well be the same,
just a small difference in semantics after all,
one that has killed thousands in  holy wars.

Can we say there is an ultimate meaning,
a one size fits all approach? 
This has proven a dangerous philosophy.

I will be brave, however, and say, 
that mine would be that we are all one entity,
it may appear that we  are separate 
in bodies that are contained by skin, 
my skin, your skin, 
but we have electromagnetic fields 
that radiate out around us 
and connect us intimately with others,
and, in fact, with everything in our the world.  

We are part of one continuous invisible field of energy . 

Quantum physics questions the belief in duality 
and skin- boundary assumption 
and poses that energy can be both wave and particle. 

Could we be one as well as One?

Like the Aspen grove, which looks like discrete trees, 
clearly demarcated from each other in their own skins of bark and leaf, 
we are similarly connected as one being, 
they by their their underground root system which is one root ball,
each leaf sharing the same dna, 
the Aspen grove covers many square miles
but the whole grove is  one tree.
We by the energetic tapestry of life/light/particles/waves.

I believe our hearts, no matter where we are from,
what culture, what country,  
yearn for the same things, love, peace, prosperity, 
community, connection, spiritual meaning, acceptance. 

In this way we are more similar than different.
I think this is the pulse, the glow, the electricity,
the heat that holds that quantum field of connection together.  
I believe that when we finally realise this as a global collective, 
not just intellectually, 
but when we feel the  truth of our sameness 
sinking into our hearts and settling there, 
we will be saved forever from ourselves. 


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