Meeting Place


Where rubber meets road
where pedal meets metal
where ball meets bat
that’s where I’m at.

Warm kiss on lips
soft fingertips
where silk meets skin
that’s where I’ve been.

When lovers moan
there is my home
in that sweet spot
that’s where I’m got.

When Spirit meets sky
stars in my my eyes
when mind meets Maker
I am awaker.

When petal meets dew
that’s how I knew
that under the pump
I’ll never give up.

My home is here
where Spirit loves flesh
where gristle and bone
touch light and mesh
in searing fire of
soul desire.

Life’s ink meets skin
in soul’s sharp brand
pain tattooes me
constant demand
when face meets slap
I hope that I’ll
snap out of that.

When shove meets push
at the pointy end
at the black coal face
I hope I’ll bend
I hope I’ll bow
when sh*t hits fan
I hope I’ll know
to loose tight grip
let ballast go
throw overboard
my spade, my hoe
the plodding tools
of ego trudge
the lessons drear
the yoke, the drudge.

Lie down with me in Elysian field
no wrong, no right
give up all fight,
on blades of grass
be pierced by Light
where Love claims us
deep in our dark
and thrusts on us
its lover’s mark.

Come meet me love
I long for you
and all the other
lovers too,
bright scattered seeds
apon the ground
I yearn to put
my arms around.

Where broke meets heart
a place to start
crack open wide
that armoured part.

Let’s offer hope
in tender touch
my hand is out
I offer much.


Dedicated to my starseed brothers and sisters


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