I Love the Dark



I  wrap the dewy  darkness
around me like ebony mink,
the comfort of opaqueness
gives me the courage
to step into the night
Softly treading
in a dreamscape
painted in muted shades
of twilight and dusk
I watch
the filigree of long shadows
fade  into
darkening earth.
Light flees
like the tide
sucked into
a dark sinkhole
Above crushed diamonds flung
on velvet banner
exalt the sky and
the burnished chalice 
of the  moon
spills pearly light
in benediction
As damp earth cools it exudes
the bouquet of its
rich humus breath,
decay reborn.
Diametric day
stir in underbrush
and high branch,
and with lambent eyes
pierce the dark
divining friend
and foe
Nocturnal flowers
open their hearts
sharp sweet
that mingle
with  soft winds
carrying the tang
of salt
and the incense
of wood smoke 
In deep shadow
I merge
with night
and become
another thing of  mystery
waiting in the witching hour
that hushed border between
dying day and dawn
to see what I
will become.

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