Goddess, your power
runs deep and dark

in the veins of every woman.

Your crimson elixir of life,
most potent potion,
conjures growth from within
the Void, ripening it
in your cauldron of
blood and brine.Sadly, the  wisdom of your
heart’s perspective is
often ignored in favour
of filling the
war chest.
The blood, sweat
and tears of mother’s milk
a cheap investment
in cannon fodder.
You heal, you hold,  you bend

and bow, to meet the need
of young and old.

As a trampled goddess
the hem of your dress is dirty and torn
your belly hollow
your  thin dusky arms  empty and aching
with the memory of
offspring taken by
Your wail is everywhere.

In halls of power
your footfall is light
and in halls of learning
your story is a
on history’s page.

Beloved Goddess,
despite your subjection
you are everywhere victorious,
in each healing caress,
in wise words whispered or
roared from podium in protest,
in every generous moment after shining moment
of self abnegation in care of others
you continue to counter
a culture of indifference
and greed.
You heal, you hold,  you bend

and bow, to meet the need
of young and old.

In honour of all your daughters
an altar has been lain to you
with great care:
The syringes and swabs of midwifery
The green, white and violet brooch of the suffragette
The rope that tied a healing woman’s hands
The dog tags of buried child
A book of herb lore
Mary Church Terrel’s college degree
Your medicine cabinet
The memory of your
cool hands on feverish skin
Norman Rockwell’s painting
of Ruby Bridges epic walk into school
Hot tears of joy and pain
The essays of Simon de Beauvior
Your gardening gloves
The bittersweet recollection of childbirth
Marie Curie’s nobel prize
Tender lullabies
The forcefield of your fierce protective love
Your smart sassy attitude
True grit
Your favourite high heels
The poetry of Sappho

You heal, you hold, you bend
and bow, to meet the need
of young and old.

Beloved Goddess,
humming in the
heart beat
of every woman,
you are the psalm that
sings the world.

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