Go Ahead, Delete Me


I wish I could delete my own browser history
all those loop within loop
dead end searches for meaning,
those cheerfully made commitments
that ended up being
dud subscriptions
I just couldn’t shake
no matter how hard
I tried
constantly worming their
way back into
the mainframe of my overloaded life,
not too mention
the add ons
hanging around
without invitation
so rude
the way they
latch on forever
with their
teflon grip,
and the sinister malware
draining my energy
slowing my journey
and stopping me in my tracks
if not dealt with

I try hard to banish those
long-running scripts
endless tourretic stutters,
ghosts in the machine of
conversations past
haunting my hardrive and
interrupting the smooth processing
of my mind with
bad code.

If only I could
reboot my system
scanning for threats and removing all
viral presence,
coming up clean, new
and fresh as an animated daisy
with the mere tap and flick
of fingertip
on convenient keyboard.

clean slate


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