gaia birth

Moving over your sunwarm body
I feel the thrum and thud of
your heartbeat
echo in my veins,
humming electricity,
liquid light of life,
fire in my belly.

The wave and weave of long grass
like silk of lover’s tresses
the wind, a tender touch
a sweetheart kiss
apon your skin
of leaf, of downy moss
of red dirt and pale sands
of pebble beach and
quicksilver sea.

Ancient stone your weathered bones
scoured by time,
your Spirit too,
wearied by heavy passage
of human traffic,
the wail of war widow,
the orphan cry,
the burden of blood shed,
often and plenty
darkens your flesh.

And yet you still hold us
cradled and comforted
sunsets and sea breeze
birdsong and blossom
your lullaby, your love song.

Thank you


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