Don’t shoot the messenger (with Cupid’s arrow)

You’ve got to get over the packaging.
I know it’s shiny and feels nice to touch,
It could keep you warm at night
and might even make you a nice cup of tea,
but it’s not the gift.

You’ve got to get past appearances,
they’re just a holographic projection
of light captured in your mind’s eye,
don’t let your imagination run riot,
this ephemeral vision will fade one day.

I’m just a walking telegram,
I’m semaphoring possibilities
with my body.
A convenient communication
device and when
I’m working properly
I can text truth all day long
through my love in action.

On a good day,
when I open my mouth
divine tweets come out.
I’ll sing your praises forever
if you’ll let me.

The message is
and always has been,
you carry your very own
love letter
to yourself
inscribed on your Soul

You are the word,
I’m just a way
to shine some light
upon your page.


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